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Child Care Services Sectioned into Classes & Age Ranges

Experience peace of mind about the safety and education of your son or daughter with all-day and after school child care services from our caring professionals in Hughesville, Maryland. Annie’s ELC offers many classes designed to group children according to their ages and educational needs. At our child care and early learning center, every child feels loved and special! Contact us for more details about our wide range of all-day and afterschool care services.

Infant Classrooms (6 weeks - 18 months)

Our center has 2 rooms for infants. The first room is for children 6 weeks to approximately 10-12 months. The second room is for children 10-12 months up to about 18 months. Children progress from one room to the next as they begin to crawl. Because the two classrooms are together, the teachers get to know all of the children which makes for an easier transition for the younger infants. The major focus of these classrooms is developing a nurturing relationship between teachers and infants. Activities concentrate on skills for infants, including tummy time, rolling over, crawling, standing, and eventually walking. Our littlest friends are encourage to hold their own bottles and grasp toys. The teachers work with the infants to develop fine and gross motor skills. The older infants are taught simple sign language to assist with communication. As the older infants are ready to transition to the toddler classroom, they are encouraged to self-feed and change to one nap each day in the afternoon. Families provide all food and drinks in the infant classrooms.

Toddler Classroom (approx. 18 - 24 months)

At this age, the children are moving a lot! We give the children lots of opportunities for gross motor play, both indoors and outside. We focus on interactive play, sensory games, and incorporating more art projects and visual aides to help kids learn shapes and colors. The children love to be read to and listen to flannel board stories. The toddlers enjoy listening and dancing to music. We encourage our toddlers to use their verbal words and simple sign language to let us know what they need. Children sleep on mats in the toddler room and sit in chairs at a table for all meals and snacks. Families continue to provide all food and drinks for the toddlers.


Two Year Old Classroom

Our very energetic 2-year-old classroom is full of exploration and excitement. Children in this age group are introduced to many new manipulative games, puzzles, building materials, and pretend play materials. Hands-on activities are a major part of each day.  The teachers continue to build on the knowledge the children have gained in the toddler room.  The children work on recognizing colors and shapes through hands-on activities and games.  The main focus of the 2 year old classroom is learning to be a part of a group, sharing with friends, and using words to express themselves.  Children are beginning to learn self-help skills such as putting on shoes and coats.  Teachers will work with families on toilet training in preparation for the 3 year old classroom.  Families only provide lunch (peanut free) beginning with the 2 year old classroom.Text content

Three Year Old Classroom

Children in this classroom have mastered toilet training. The threes are much more independent and social. Children begin to develop friendships and enjoy dramatic play, including blocks and trucks. Creativity is heavily encouraged and it helps to build self-confidence by allowing them to figure things out on their own. These children begin to fine tune their motor skills by tracing numbers and letters. Letter and number recognition are worked on daily. Practice with scissors begins in this class. Some older threes will begin writing their names. Social learning includes waiting your turn, sharing, standing in line and listening to the teacher’s directions. Children are taught to clean up after themselves. Becoming a responsible and caring friend is worked on daily.

Four Year Old Classroom

This classroom is for our younger 4’s and older 3’s. Some children will move onto kindergarten the following school year, while others will transition into our Pre-K classroom. Relying on the PreK Investigator Club curriculum, the teachers work with the children to teach problem-solving skills. Exploration with numbers, letters and letter sounds continues. Children in this class also learn to build and maintain friendships, as well as the importance of respecting peers and teachers. Social learning is taught using “Second Step”, a social emotional curriculum for preschoolers. Children in this classroom are continuing to develop fine motor skills in order to write. Developing the skills to follow multi-step directions is beginning. Stories are a little longer and circle time lasts a little longer to encourage their growing attention spans. Small group work is done daily to allow teachers to work with children at the child’s pace. Teachers will work separately with children preparing for kindergarten to ensure they are ready.


Our PreK classroom is for children entering kindergarten the following school year. Some children attend Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School (St. Mary’s County) for morning PreK and other attend T. C. Martin Elementary School (Charles County) for afternoon PreK. This classroom also follows the PreK Investigator Club curriculum, but will move at a quicker pace. Concepts are worked on more in-depth. Letter recognition and letter sounds are a main focus in this classroom. Math skills such as subitizing (recognizing a quantity of items without actually pointing and counting the items, counting rote, and continuing patterns are worked on. Children will be writing both their first and last name by the end of the school year. Social learning is taught using “Second Step”, a social emotional curriculum for preschoolers.

School Age

Our before and after school care programs are for children in kindergarten through age 12. Children attending T. C. Martin Elementary School in Charles County ride the school bus. We also have a 15 passenger van offering private transportation to Lettie Marshall Dent and White Marsh Elementary Schools in St. Mary’s County. Families provide car and booster seats for children riding in the van. Our morning routine includes time to do quiet activities and play games as well as breakfast. When the children return from school, we take attendance and have a snack. Children will then have time to work on homework and play outside, weather permitting. After homework and outside play, children will have free time to play games. When school is out for teacher professional days, we are open all day to care for the children (additional fee applies for whole days). We do not charge extra for 2 hour early dismissal days.

Summer Camp

Summer camp runs each summer from the Monday after school is finished (both St. Mary’s and Charles Counties) until the Friday before school begins. Camp is for children who have completed kindergarten through age 12. Each summer a theme is planned that is both educational and fun. Field trips and activities are planned so that the children have something to look forward to each week. The teachers work to mix fun activities with learning. Past themes include Annie’s Around the World, Time Travel, and Grannie Annie’s Road Trip through the United States. Space is limited so early registration is encouraged. Registration typically begins in March or April.

Give us a call for more details about our all-day and afterschool care services